Reputation Management

Reputation Management

YELPHILLY is based in Philadelphia. We offer a wide-ranging portfolio of support for local businesses. We specialize in cutting-edge reputation management and SEO. Our relationships with tastemakers and critics in Philadelphia gives our clients a competitive advantage in the dog-eat-dog world of business.


Our clients include boutiques, restaurants, law firms, doctor offices, and contractors.


Yelp Hurts Small Businesses Like Yours

Business is hard, and it’s just getting harder.  Online reviews are having a  major impact on small businesses, and their impact is only growing.  Tripadvisor and Google influence consumers, but the biggest game in town is still Yelp.

Sure, Yelp is great for consumers, but it’s a nightmare for businesses. It really doesn’t matter if you are a good or bad business anymore: If you don’t have the connections to Elite Yelpers, or don’t have the time to manage your account, you will be penalized. Even the greatest small businesses can be held hostage by a crook with a vendetta. If you read enough one-star reviews –and we’ve read thousands of such reviews– you will start to understand how widespread this endemic is. Most one star reviews are not objective reviews: over 91% of all one-star Yelp reviews are intended to either extort a small business or punish them for not giving away something for free.




We Beat Yelp’s Algorithm. 100% Guarantee

We go at the job a little differently. We use Yelp’s algorithm against itself.  We use its love of negative reviews to decrease your competitor’s Yelp score. Many of their positive reviews will disappear and many new bad ones will be published. Some of these negative reviews will come from Elite Yelpers we have on staff.

We are so sure we can win the Yelp game from you we offer our Iron-Clad Guarantee: if you are not 100% satisfied with our services we will refund 100% of our fees. 


I agree to not share or divulge information in the case study I am provided. I acknowledge that I am not employed by Yelp nor will I submit this information to anyone in their employ.